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Bangkok Thai Massage | Tokyo

1 minute walk from Otsuka Station on the Tokyo JR Yamanote Line and Otsuka Station on the Toden-Arakawa Line
It is a healthy Thai massage salon where you can receive the finest Thai traditional massage, oil massage, foot massage, Thai built-in detox, and authentic Thai traditional calsai detox by a genuine Thai male therapist.

Reservation required authentic Thai traditional massage private salon

Available for both women and men ◎

Business hours: 12:00 to 23:00
Regular holiday: Monday, 3rd Sunday

About Us

About Us
(About our salon)


A salon that gently heals your mind and body

We will deliver hospitality!

At The Bangkok Thai Massage, we provide the best healing to our customers with a relaxing and private space, therapist's technique and hospitality, and carefully selected aroma and beauty ingredients.
The Ba
ngkok Thai Massage is a healthy and authentic Thai massage salon, and we would like to support our customers to regain their health and beauty.



Selected drinks after treatment

After the treatment, the body is in a neatly reset state both inside and outside. As for the drinks we offer at the end, we have a wide variety of domestically produced products that are gentle on the body and relieved.
As an example, we also offer domestic jasmine tea, black tea, and tea.
Coffee has less sourness and miscellaneous taste, and has a refreshing taste that passes through your throat.
Please refresh your mood with tea time and go out again from the door of Bangkok Thai Massage.





Hi, my name is Yamato. I`ma Thai traditional massage therapist. Born in Chiang Mai and I moved to live in Japan. I learned massage from Wat Pho. And study more in Chiang Mai I'm ready to give you a massage.

We strive to provide highly satisfying services that will make our customers feel that they want to go again.
We will provide you with a higher level of healing and valuable time for a better tomorrow.

Treatment history: 8 years

Specialty technology / design:

Authentic Thai Traditional Massage Oil Massage Reflexology Head Spa

Hobbies / My Boom: Cooking / Yoga

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery
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1-18-1 Kitaotsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Sun Valley Otsuka 201

TEL 03-6885-8815

business hours

12: 00-23: 00

Regular holiday

Monday / 3rd Sunday

Nearest station

2 minutes walk from Mejiro Station on the JR Yamanote Line

Equipment / services

・ Equipped with shower room

・ Equipped with a charger ・ Completely private room available ・ Please use the nearby coin parking lot.

・ Not available for business trips

Payment method

・ Cash payment is OK!

・ PayPay --Smartphone payment with QR code / barcode is OK!

・ Credit cards are not accepted!

Precautions regarding use

This salon requires a reservation. Please be sure to make a reservation by phone or online reservation. If you have any questions, such as not knowing the location on the day, please feel free to call us.
* In rare cases, the phone may not connect during times of congestion. We will call you back, so please leave a message.
・ Please note that if the reservation time has passed, the treatment time will be shortened or canceled.
* If you cancel without contacting us, we may not be able to accept future reservations.
・ Our shop is not a "hospital / clinic / treatment center" stipulated by the Medical Care Act.

▼ The use of those who fall under the following is strictly prohibited ▼
・ Those under the age of 18 (Available with the consent of parents)
・ People who are pregnant, have a high fever, chronic diseases, severe burns, inflammation, heart disease, infectious diseases ・ People who are drunk ・ Drug addiction, gangsters, and other members of antisocial groups Those who are recognized as related persons, those who have tattoos, tattoos, etc., and those who are forced to massage to the extent that they cannot do it may be asked to leave the store. Even if you are intimidating or violent, you may be asked to immediately stop the procedure and leave the store. In that case, we cannot accept refunds.
・ In addition, please note that the use of those who are deemed unsuitable for using our shop is strictly prohibited.



How to

Get Here

R. Frame de Morá

Floor 6

Rio de Janeiro --Ipanema

Cell: 123-456-7890